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Fast-paced, entertaining, and highly-engaging iBreakthrough Negotiating provides participants the opportunity to compete, collaborate, work in teams, and have fun, while learning practical skills for achieving better deals, stronger relationships, and mutual gains! Discover why the best companies in the world, choose iBreakthrough Negotiating!

Who Should Attend?

Take a look below to find a list of some of those who will benefit from iBreakthrough Negotiating:

Sales Professionals - increase your margins, close more deals, and learn to negotiate agreements that keep competitors from being able to woo your customers away!

Sales Managers - Coach your sales team members on how to maintain their pricing integrity and close more sales.

Purchasing Agents - lower your acquisition costs, increase the value you are receiving, and know when and how to execute commodity buys as well as how to structure integrated relationships with vendors as appropriate.

Leaders, Management and Staff - increase your ability to negotiate within your organization and when dealing with outside vendors, customers, and other external entities.

Customer Service Professionals - leave your customers more satisfied while strengthening your ties to your customer at the same time.

Health Care Professionals - for hospital administrators in finance, revenue-cycle management, managed care contracting, appeals, purchasing, legal, marketing, public relations, and more!

Entrepreneurs - if you are running your own business, then you are negotiating at every turn - for financing, with customers, vendors, partners, employees, and more! If you are running your own business, you simply must attend this program. You can't afford not to.

Independent Agents and Financial Professionals - For real estate agents, mortgage professionals, insurance providers, financial advisors, bankers, investors, and more - every quarter of a point matters!

Attorneys - Go from combat to collaboration and negotiate settlements that are in your client’s best interests.

Everyone - Seriously, who doesn't need to improve their negotiating skills? Do you plan on ever buying or selling a house? A car? Negotiating a lease? Buying services of any kind? Buying or selling anything on Craigslist? Dealing with a legal situation? Negotiating your next job? Trying to build cooperation and teamwork with anyone personally or professionally? Of course you do! Everyone needs negotiating skills and this skill will pay for itself over and over again throughout your life!

What Attendees Will Learn

  • How to earn better deals, stronger relationships, and mutual gains in every negotiation!

  • How to increase your power in any negotiation, even when you feel powerless!

  • How to develop influence in any negotiation and get others to willingly do your will!

  • How to master tension in any negotiation and engage with confidence even when under extreme pressure!

  • How to negotiate "gain-gain" agreements that allow you to maximize the hidden value that exists in almost every negotiation (and why they are far superior to "win-win" agreements)!

  • How to capture more value in any negotiation, while providing the other party more satisfaction at the same time!

  • How to effectively plan for any negotiation, and execute a winning strategy!

  • How to track your negotiating success, and it's value to your and your organization!

  • How to memorize the key strategies for negotiating success, simply by looking at the palm of your hand!

  • How to negotiate success with integrity, and enhance your own personal brand and reputation with every negotiation, even when others seek to win at all costs!

  • How to negotiate your way to greater overall success, both personally and professionally, one agreement at a time!!

  • PLUS, attendees will receive a course workbook, a signed copy of the book, access to our online learning center to reinforce the learning after the seminar, tools, and more!


Here's what a few recent attendees had to say:

Here's what a few others are saying:

My organization experienced millions of dollars in negotiated gains in our next year of contract negotiations after our team attended iBreakthrough Negotiating. It’s not a stretch to say that what we learned in that course was the key factor in our success..
- Chief Executive Officer, Major Corporation
In the three months following the iBreakthrough Negotiating program, we put $16 million to the bottom line directly as a result of our improved negotiating skills.
- Chief Financial Officer, Major Corporation
Among the best things I did as a Director of Managed Care Contracting within several prominent hospital systems was send my team to Kevin Greene’s iBreakthrough Negotiating seminar. It paid for itself over and over again. No doubt the best training dollar we ever spent and certainly the best program I ever attended.
- Vice President, Managed Care Contracting, Major Health Care System
We brought Kevin in to conduct a very difficult seminar which featured about twenty-five of our “negotiators” and about twenty-five “negotiators” from one of the largest payors in Missouri. The relationship had become very combative and you could cut the tension with a knife the first morning. By the end of the second day our working relationship had been absolutely transformed. Kevin’s ability to help the group understand how to negotiate collaboratively with each other even in a tense environment enabled healthy dialogue and dynamic problem solving. In short, the course was fantastic and far exceeded our expectations.
- Director of Training and Development, Major Hospital System
Kevin Greene’s iBreakthrough Negotiating course is a must for payors and providers trying negotiate their way through difficult issues towards solutions that work for each of us and most importantly for our valued customers and patients. I highly recommend it!
- Regional Sales Director, Major Insurance Company
Our highest rated seminar! If your company’s hosting this course in-house like ours does, stop what you’re doing right now and get registered because this is an unforgettable learning experience!
- Director of Training, Major Global Conglomerate
iBreakthrough Negotiating has dramatically increased our ability to succeed in negotiating strong “win-win” agreements with our customers and to gain market share at the same time in our highly competitive industry.
- Chief Executive Officer, Major California-Based Staffing Company
A fantastic speaker and a really, really smart guy. We’ve sent hundreds of our people here to his events. A great resource!
- Director of Training and Development, Major Doors and Windows Company
I’ve been sending my entire sales team to Kevin’s events for years. Nothing we do from a training and development standpoint has as much impact as what Kevin does.
- Vice President of Sales, Major Building Supplies Retailer
When the CEO calls wanting to know how Purchasing is going to improve the bottom line, Purchasing Managers should call Kevin Greene.
- Vice President of Purchasing Major Beverage Company
Our most popular speaker. We bring Kevin in annually and currently have a two-year waiting list for people trying to get into his events. Amazing!
- Director of Human Resources, Major International Company
Kevin’s seminars have paid for themselves in our company sometimes within hours of their completion. A very gifted, inspiring, and insightful speaker and someone people genuinely enjoy being around. I highly recommend Kevin!
- Director of Business Development, Major Home Building Supplier
A great speaker! Chambers everywhere are now buzzing about Kevin Greene.
- Chamber of Commerce Executive, State Chamber of Commerce
Great content, fantastic delivery, awesome presence. He kept us totally engaged from start to finish.
- Vice President Business Development, Major Outsourced Sales Organization
Kevin is one of the most inspiring, articulate, high-energy, helpful speakers you’ll ever have the pleasure of listening to. He has helped my business immensely! I’m a fan!
- Independent Sales Representative, Major Wellness Company
Kevin is so knowledgeable, helpful, and enthusiastic, you just can’t help but walk away feeling I can do this!
- Sales Executive, Major Office Supplies Company
Great speaker, great insights, great guy!
- Sales Executive, Solar Power Company
Kevin helped us drive down the costs of our suppliers and increased the value that we were receiving at the same time, allowing us to become more competitive in the marketplace and provide more value to our customers.
- Purchasing Manager, Major Retailer
iBreakthrough Negotiating helped us to find mutual gains on both the selling side and the buying side that created value for us and also for our valued vendors and customers. Awesome!
- Director of Sales Major Flight Training Organization

Meet Kevin…

Thanks for your interest in iBreakthrough Negotiating.  Oddly enough this all began when I was trying to make it as a professional football player.  After firing my agent, I had the unusual experience of having to market and sell myself to NFL teams, and yes, even negotiate my own contracts!

This took me way out of my comfort zone, but when I negotiated my first pro football contract with the New York Jets, I began to realize the importance of effective negotiating skills.

Since then I've trained over 20,000 business professionals in negotiating skills in more than 200 seminars for some of the most recognizable companies in the world.  

Both the seminar, and the book, were developed for sellers, buyers, managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, ANYONE who needs to negotiate their best deal on ANYTHING!  You'll learn to sell better, buy better, solve better, and gain more cooperation in all areas of your life.

I know what it takes to make you a great negotiator no matter who you are!

I look forward to the opportunity to help you begin negotiating your way to greater overall success, personally and professionally, one agreement at a time!

Warm regards,

Kevin Greene

Author, Creator, and Lead Facilitator, iBreakthrough Negotiating

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